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Hello all!

Okay…so it’s been a couple of weeks since I last sent an update.

Quick Summary of the last two weeks:

I’ve met with several teachers and their administrators.  LOTS of other meetings as well: met with Rep. Andy Olson for our monthly breakfast, attended the School Board meeting on Monday, attended the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Albany class, and participated in the OEA Representative Assembly with 11 awesome delegates and … I actually taught in my classroom a few of those days!

Here’s our TOP FIVE for April 25:


The deadline to turn in the scholarship is April 28. That is this Friday! Check the GAEA website at and click on Member Benefits to find an application. Graduating children (Seniors) of GAEA members are eligible.


Our Bargaining Team has met with the District team twice so far. We are still in the VERY early stages of negotiations. A LOT of talking happens at this point; the teams talk about issues, interests, do a little brainstorming—and then work out ideas and responses with their own teams. We will all be waiting to see what the mid-May economic forecast is from the state of Oregon. Just like the rest of the team, I cannot tell you more than that because we have Ground Rules (and state laws) that include confidentiality…until we have tentative agreements.


You will be receiving a ballot for GAEA Offices in early May via Survey Monkey. We still have need of some elementary level and middle school Area Reps—also a TREASURER! If you are interested, please let me know.


Let’s put an end to the rumors that there is a “hit list” of teachers who do not endorse the bond or wear a button. That. Would. Be. Illegal. Period. There are VERY definite rules about public employees’ and employers’ political activity. I have attached a summary provided by the Secretary of State’s office. Ifanything untoward was to happen…let me know, and we will take care of it!


You all should have just received an e-mail about a revised Phone Bank schedule. This is IT! Ballots are landing in mailboxes this week, so the push is on! If you missed the Canvass last Saturday, come on down to the UniServ office…we have a few more packets of door hangers for you to deliver.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas…e-mail me or call me. I want to hear from you!

And we thank you for your support,


Sue McGrory


Greater Albany Education Association

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