Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

The beginning of school is just around the corner. Membership materials will be arriving in your schools soon, so be sure to ask your building rep about your Individual Contact Sheet (ICS). Please fill it out carefully. This document is what enables us to continue to support you in the work you do every day for our students.

Why does the union matter? Because when we work in coordination with one another, we are stronger together. Last spring, the legislature passed the historic Student Success Act. The SSA marks a record investment in Oregon schools after decades of disinvestment. $2 billion will be set aside just for schools. Half of that will go into the Student Investment Account, which will be distributed to districts after they submit a plan on how they intend to spend the money. The plan has to be developed in coordination with stakeholders, including the union. Greater Albany Public Schools stands to receive approximately $7.6 million in Student Success monies, which can be spent to improve educational opportunities for our students. There will be upcoming opportunities to help decide what Albany values.

While the new contract language took effect July 1st, the new contract has yet to be printed. Right now, the union is in the process of proofing the contract in coordination with the district. New contracts should be available in October. In the meantime, there are three one-page handouts to help you understand some important points:

Note that a class size does not have to be at or over the threshold in the contract for the appeals procedure to be used.

In celebratory news, the association signed up 46 new members at the New Teacher Luncheon! We’re delighted to have so many new faces in our local. Be sure to welcome our new folks.


OEA’s Advocacy Conference is scheduled for October 18th-19th at the Riverhouse in Bend. The conference is a great opportunity to skillbuild around advocacy for students, bargaining, and organizing. If that interests you, please reach out. The permission of your local president is required to attend. The conference is included with your union dues.

Play Bingo with us!

Our early career educators received Bingo cards at our New Teacher Luncheon. Regardless of how long you have been in the profession, you can play GAEA Bingo too! Cards are available at the UniServ office (2885 Cedarwood Ct SE), meetings, trainings, and socials, so be sure to pick one up and join the fun.

Wear in the World is GAEA?

Follow our Instagram at @greateralbanyea, Twitter at @albany_teachers, and like our Facebook page, wear your GAEA shirt on your your fall adventures, and share your pictures with us to win prizes! Contest is open to current members only.

Join Us for Events:

GAEA Governance Council, 9/4, 4:30pm at the UniServ office
GAPS School Board, 9/9, 7:00pm, at the District Office
GAEA Executive Board, 9/18, 4:30pm at the UniServ office
Third Thursday Social, 9/19, 4:00pm, No Rails Ale House
GAPS School Board, 9/23, at the District Office
Smile File Social, October, Date TBA

GAEA meetings and events are open to members only.

Good luck with the start of school!

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