Do You Know What Dues Are Spent On?

There have been a lot of questions going around lately about what dues dollars are spent on, especially at the state and national levels. There is also a lot of misinformation about what union dues get spent on, particularly as it relates to New Business Items (NBIs) passed at both the state and national Representative Assemblies. New Business Items only have a lifespan of one year, and they do not supplant or replace a union’s policies, resolutions, or bylaws.

OEA has a pie chart to show where dues dollars are spent: the largest part of the pie comes directly back to members in the form of advocacy and affiliate services–the UniServ consultants and professional staff that help support our work every day through bargaining contracts, representing members who use their Weingarten rights, and advocating for the needs of educators in the areas they serve.

Similarly, NEA has a chart to show how dues are allocated. The majority of dues dollars in NEA are spent on organizational capacity and enterprise operations, two things that come back to the local via strategic support and through the sponsorship of the UniServ program, as NEA contributes a large amount of grant funds to support those efforts at the state level.

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