Contract Language to Know Now: Class Size, Student Discipline, and Sick Leave MOU

What You Need to Know: Class Size, Student Discipline, and Sick Leave MOU

Class Size Cutoffs:

K-2 27 or more students
3-5 31 or more students
Middle School 34 or more students
High School 36 or more students

Class Size/School Committee:  A school committee will be created in each building made up of building staff and comprised of

  • one (1) administrator,
  • one (1) special education representative,
  • at least two (2) classroom teachers,
  • and the school counselor. 

The counselor appointment will be optional. 

Your school’s class size committee should have a plan that will consider individual students needs such as IEP, “504”, TAG, ELL, gender, etc. The goal of this plan shall be smaller class sizes for those classrooms with higher need students.

Class Size Appeals Procedure:

                Step 1: Write to your principal regarding your concerns on your class size. Even if your principal offers to meet to discuss solutions, document the meeting in writing. Your building rep can help you with this. Your principal has 10 working days to respond to your concerns.

                Step 2: If you are unsatisfied with your principal’s response, you can appeal it to the superintendent or their designee. Your building rep can assist you with passing this on. The superintendent or their designee has 10 working days to respond.

                Step 3: If the problem persists, you can appeal the superintendent’s decision directly to the School Board. The association can help you with your presentation. The Board has 10 working days to provide a written response. The Board’s decision is final.

Student Discipline:

Procedures within buildings around student discipline need to have staff involvement in their development. That includes classroom teachers. The contract states that “Building disciplinary procedures consistent with District procedures shall be developed by and distributed to building staff.” Staff also have the right to know the district’s discipline procedure, the process for documenting student discipline issues, and the process for referring aggressive and disruptive students at the beginning of the year. Teachers have the right to remove students who are physically or verbally disruptive from the classroom temporarily. The teacher has recourse to appeal a principal’s decision around discipline to the superintendent or designee; the superintendent has the final authority to resolve the issue.

Sick Leave Bank MOU:

The sick leave bank needs donations. During the month of September 2019, members can donate 1 personal leave day plus 2 sick leave days. Employees must have 120 hours of sick leave to be eligible to donate. Once the month of September is over, the original language regarding sick leave donations remains in effect.

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