Ready, Set–Grades!

Ahh, the second week of school. Hopefully, everyone is settling in–staff and students alike!

Grading Policies and Parent Contact

While perhaps not the most glamorous part of our contract, it is important to know the general guidelines put forward in Attachment F, Pinnacle Guidelines. It is also important to note how they interact with board policies IK: Academic ReportingIKA: Grading System, and administrative regulation IKA-AR: Grading Procedures. Our contract states that grades should be entered at least once a week: “At a minimum, teachers should be recording assignments on a weekly basis. This is not to say that all assignments need to appear in Pinnacle within one week of collection” (Attachment F). IKA-AR emphasizes that the onus is on the teacher to collect data regarding student performance: “Teachers are to: Record sufficient objective data to justify grading decisions; At a minimum, teachers should be recording assignments within the electronic gradebook on a weekly basis.” 

On parent contact around student progress, assignments, or behavior, Attachment F specifically encourages parents to 1) talk with their child first, and 2) encourage their child to speak with their teacher before following up. But it is important to note that the board policy on academic reporting states: “Parents or guardians will be alerted and conferred with when a student’s performance or attitude becomes unsatisfactory or shows marked or sudden deterioration.” This is in line with IKA-AR, which says that teachers are to: “Actively notify parents or guardians throughout the grading period if students are not making satisfactory progress or if they are working significantly below their potential. Only using the district scheduled parent conferences and/or the parent portal (PIV) are not sufficient to meet this expectation.” However, board policy also takes into account a teacher’s workload in KKA: Parent and School Relations: “School staff is expected to communicate information about student progress and behavior in a timely, objective and sensitive manner. Parental expectations for attention and communication must reasonably respect staff time and workload.”

In short:

1) Update your gradebook at least once a week.
2) Communicate with parents if a student is falling behind or you have concerns.
3) Communicate with parents in a professional manner.

Next week: student discipline.


Third Thursday Social

Join us at No Rails Ale House on September 19th at 4pm for snacks, chit-chat, and drinks with colleagues. 

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Dates to Know

Executive Board, 9/18
Third Thursday Social, 9/19
School Board (Support Our School Resource Officers), 9/23

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