Contract Copies Available

October is a big month: today is Statewide Inservice day, and later this month we have conferences on October 24th and 25th. It can be a difficult month to get through. One of the great things about being a part of Greater Albany Education Association is that you are never alone, even if you feel that you are. If you are struggling, feel free to call the office and chat, stop by, or talk to your building rep. We’re here to support you beyond just “bread and butter” unionism.

Student Success Act

Organizing around the Student Success Act is ongoing. You should have received an email from Randy Lary regarding the district’s forums for the Strategic Planning process that Greater Albany Public Schools is engaging in. This is a part of the work the district is doing around the Student Success Act. If you can attend one of the sessions, please do. That said, a priority of the association is lifting educator voice as part of this process. We are collecting our own data independently of the district to make sure this happens. If you haven’t yet this year, please fill out the checklist at and tell the association what you think Albany students need.

Copies of the Contract Available

Copies of the Certified Collective Bargaining Agreement are now available. Click here for access to the electronic copy in PDF form. If you would like a paper copy, please let us know here.

TSA Match

One of the benefits you have available to you is a TSA match. A TSA is a tax-sheltered annuity. It is also known as a 403b plan. It is an alternative vehicle for pre-tax retirement savings. What your match from the district is depends on your date of hire and how long you have served. Most people are on the lowest tier of the table below. The first column is for staff with 1.0 FTE. The second column is for .5 FTE. You need to contribute the amount equal to the match in order to receive the match. You can choose to contribute more. Paperwork for the TSA is available here and needs to be submitted to Alisa Dahlquist in the district office by the 10th of the month to be on that month’s payroll.

First Year


Second Year



Third Thursday

Join us for drinks and a relaxing time at No Rails on October 17th at 4pm. Snacks are on the association. It is a fun time to socialize with other teachers around the district in a low-key, low pressure environment. Come hang out!

Smile File Social

Are you or do you know an educator in the first five years of the profession? Join us for a social on October 29th at 4pm to build your Smile File. A Smile File is a folder you can pull out at the end of a hard day to remind yourself why you teach. Come meet other early career educators around the district, get a gift bag full of supplies and goodies, and relax. The social will be at the UniServ office: 2885 Cedarwood Ct. SE. 

Fall Conference

OEA’s Fall Conference is scheduled for October 18th-19th at the Riverhouse in Bend. The conference is a great opportunity to skillbuild around advocacy for students, bargaining, and organizing. If that interests you, please reach out. The conference is included with your union dues. You can register here: This year’s featured keynote is Dan St. Romain, who focuses on trauma-informed teaching.

Play Bingo with us!

Our early career educators received Bingo cards at our New Teacher Luncheon. Regardless of how long you have been in the profession, you can play GAEA Bingo too! Cards are available at the UniServ office (2885 Cedarwood Ct SE), as well as meetings, trainings, and socials, so be sure to pick one up and join the fun.

Wear in the World is GAEA?

Follow our Instagram at @greateralbanyea, Twitter at @albany_teachers, and like our Facebook page, wear your GAEA shirt on your fall adventures, and share your pictures with us to win prizes! Contest is open to current members only. 

Important Dates

Executive Board, 10/16, 4:30pm, UniServ Office
Strategic Planning Staff Forum, 10/14, 4pm, Central Elementary School Library
Strategic Planning Staff Forum, 10/17, 3pm, South Albany High School Library
Strategic Planning Staff Forum, 10/17, 4pm, District Office
Third Thursday Social, 10/17, 4pm, No Rails Ale House
OEA Fall Conference, 10/18-19, Bend

Strategic Planning Staff Forum, 10/21, 4pm, Lafayette Elementary School Modulars
Strategic Planning Staff Forum, 10/22, 8am, Timber Ridge Library
Strategic Planning Staff Forum, 10/22, 3pm, West Albany High School Library
Strategic Planning Staff Forum, 10/23, 2pm, Memorial Middle School Library 
School Board, 10/28, 7pm, District Office
Smile File Social, 10/29, 4pm, UniServ Office

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